People Make it Possible: Denise Wolfkiel


When Denise Wolfkiel is shopping at major retail chains, you might find her picking up packages of diapers to closely examine the small print. 

“We put a little code on each package that says if it was made in Lewistown, so I always like to check,” she said.  

For 14 years, Denise has been manufacturing diapers at First Quality’s plant in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. With a focus on private label brands, most of the diapers she makes end up in well-known stores across the country.  

“It’s cool knowing that the products we make are being used by families every day,” said Denise, who is a line lead at the plant. “I take a lot of pride in what I make, and always try to make the best possible product.” 

Now her attention is shifting away from diapers to bladder control pads, as she helps start up a new production line at the plant. It’s a big change from manufacturing baby diapers, but Denise is up for the challenge.  

“Prior to joining First Quality, I worked in banking, but I much prefer the fast-paced environment of manufacturing,” she said. “I like to learn new things, and First Quality has given me the training I need to succeed.”  

‘A real element of teamwork’    

For Denise, training began the day she was hired as a technician at First Quality. She was among the first 100 employees at the Lewistown plant. Six months later, she was promoted to line lead.  

“It was fun learning together with my teammates,” she recalled. “There’s a real element of teamwork in what we do, because we all have to work together in the production line for it to run smoothly.” 

Now she’s applying what she has learned to the new production line, which will manufacture First Quality’s Prevail bladder control pads that include a MaxSorb+ Zone™ gel core for rapid absorption.  

In preparation for the new line, she joined several other production Team Members on a trip to get trained by the company that makes the manufacturing technology and reinforced her confidence in the future of First Quality.  

“It’s great to see they are investing in this advanced technology,” she said. “We’ve already come so far, and I’m excited to see how the company will continue to grow.”  


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