A Lot of Work Goes into Making Nothing


Do More With Less

Our sustainability story started over a decade ago. At one of our facilities, managers and employees rounded up trash and evaluated what could be prevented from going to landfill. They saw recycling opportunities - cardboard tubes that could be repurposed to make packaging, the leg cutouts from diapers that could be melted in raw materials, and pieces upon pieces of materials that could be converted to energy using a co-generation plant.

More than that, they saw an opportunity to do more than just talk about sustainability - they saw a chance to do something about it, and we haven't stopped since.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

We used advanced analytics to determine our utilization of resources and their environmental footprint. We provide internal team members analytics, information, and recommendations to assist them with making the most responsible decisions regarding our sustainable use of resources.

Looking Forward

We continue to seek new recycling opportunities and find new ways to use our resources more efficiently as we work toward all of our Sustainability Objectives. 

Sustainability Spotlight: Facility Peer Reviews

Every quarter, each of our eight absorbent hygiene facility managers hosts a tour. He or she invites the other seven to the facility and lets them walk the floor. They point out new improvements, flag new processes, and, in short, answer one simple question: how have I gotten better this month, or where is our next opportunity?

Director of Manufacturing

It’s a challenge. How can we be doing better? Which of us can find a new, innovative way to save. It gets pretty competitive to be honest.


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