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Redefining the Category

Feminine care products should be a reflection of what women actually want, so that's how we make our products. From developing an innovative, unique fiber blend for pads and redesigning the tampon applicator, to our integrated production process, we're stepping up quality without sacrificing value.

Our Products

Ultra Thin Pads

Ultra Thin Foam Pads


Thick Maxi Pads

Our Feminine Care Product Facilities


Drummondville, Canada Campus

190+ Total team members
180,000 Total square ft.
Facility Lewiston

Lewistown, PA Campus

720+ Total team members
1,800,000 Total square ft.

Full Service Store Brand Innovations & Growth Services

Our full suite of growth services will help you sell more, and sell more effectively – from creating innovative products driven by consumer and industry insights, to manufacturing them from end-to-end to ensure that highest quality and value, to developing the effective marketing programs that get them to more consumers.
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Innovation Spotlight: Dri-Fit™

We created a fiber blend that is like no other in the category: a breakthrough combination of both cotton and synthetic fibers. Look for the Dri-Fit logo on select feminine care product lines.
Fem Care Innovation

Our Philosophy on Innovation

We ask consumers how we can make things better, and then we set out to do it. Whether we're creating a unique fiber blend to help promote skin health or offering a more discreet tampon wrapper, we always consider a woman's entire experience.

The First Quality Difference



Innovation-driven to create the best absorbent products in feminine care

2x faster

Product lines available with Dri-Fit wick moisture 2x faster *

Premium Quality

One of the first to offer premium quality for store brands

*based on independent lab testing of leading ultra-thin maxi brands


We've delivered billions of pads, and pantiliners to major retailers in the US over the past year


Our Brand: Incognito

All of our core capabilities come together in our own feminine care brand, Incognito. See how our expertise in commercialization can help you create the best feminine products at the best value for your customers.

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See how we're making things better, and experience the best quality and value in feminine care products today.