Find People Who Believe in Your Ideas as Much as You Do

Life AT first quality

Making Things Better, Together

We are over 4,000 people at 9 locations across 2 countries, but we are one team. Our team members see themselves as more than individuals - they recognize that they are part of something bigger, and they approach every day, and every challenge, knowing that together they can get anything done.

Great Neck Team Member

The people here are like family. We work hard and challenge each other. But it is not because we have to. It is because we want to.

Team Building Spotlight: Relay For Life

Team members at several of our locations form their own Relay For Life teams each year to support their local chapters of the American Cancer Society.

King of Prussia Team Member

Just a fantastic team of folks. A true team effort and everyone is committed to ensuring we support each other

Impact Initiative: Employee Retraining

We are committed to training and retraining our team members to learn new skills and progress. As processes change or are automated our team members are prepared and ready to move into new roles and grow their careers.

The Values That Guide Every Day

Integrity, humility, and unity are just a few of the values that we bring to work with us every day.

How to Succeed at First Quality

Respect the team, look beyond titles, always think "can do," and never stop learning.