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A Lot of Work Goes into Making Nothing

Landfill-free Facilities Goal

From reusing as much as we can, to installing independent recycling centers and plants in all applicable facilities, going landfill-free is an integral part of our sustainability mission.

Energy Reduction Efforts

Whether we're purchasing a new piece of equipment or just walking the floor, our energy analysts are constantly searching for new ways to use less energy and work more efficiently.
Sustainability Team

Sustainability Spotlight: Facility Peer Reviews

Every quarter, each of our eight absorbent hygiene facility managers hosts a tour. He or she invites the other seven to the facility and lets them walk the floor. They point out new improvements, flag new processes, and, in short, answer one simple question: how have I gotten better this month, or where is our next opportunity?

“It’s a challenge. How can we be doing better? Which of us can find a new, innovative way to save. It gets pretty competitive to be honest.”

— Director of Manufacturing