First Quality's Dri-Fit™ innovates within feminine and adult care products

November 07, 2016

First Quality Consumer Products, LLC and its affiliated companies (collectively "First Quality") are bringing a new standard of performance to absorbent hygiene products through their ingredient brand, Dri-Fit. Dri-Fit innovations are found within Prevail® incontinence, store brand feminine care and incontinence products, and help promote skin health by managing consumers' microclimates – the small layer of air between your skin and whatever you're wearing. With an innovative blend of natural and synthetic fibers, Dri-Fit provides features that reduce pressure, moisture and temperature to ultimately help keep skin more dry, comfortable and healthy.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of store brand feminine care and incontinence products, First Quality has focused on driving growing enthusiasm for store brand products by developing the Dri-Fit innovation, which drives break-through innovation not just for store brands, but the broader category. And consumers are taking notice. In fact, according to a report by Mintel, 97 percent of shoppers age 18-36 say they're likely to buy a store brand, and 42 percent agree store brand products are more innovative than name brand ones.

"While millennials are leading the demand for store brand products, we've also seen a growing interest across older demographics and want to help consumers of all generations feel more natural when experiencing periods or incontinence," said First Quality. "As an industry leader in the manufacturing and supply of store brand feminine care and incontinence products, we want products featuring the Dri-Fit logo to be known as innovative, accessible, and affordable options for consumers.

To further educate consumers about Dri-Fit innovation, First Quality announced this week the launch of its first ever national campaign for Dri-Fit, highlighting that the Dri-Fit technology found within Prevail® and store brand feminine care and incontinence products helps consumers "Feel More Natural". The brand's new website provides insight into the science behind Dri-Fit innovations, featuring a detailed illustration and instructional video of Dri-Fit innovations, as well as statistics related to Dri-Fit performance. The campaign aims to educate consumers about the unique blend of natural and synthetic fibers found within products with the Dri-Fit logo and help increase knowledge related to managing consumers' microclimate.

The brand's advertising campaign takes an honest approach, rejecting the trope of smiling couples walking on beaches, and instead highlighting what real people already know: whether it's a first period, first child or first incident of incontinence, the biggest changes in life are often the most difficult. Told through the story of a father and daughter growing old together, the campaign's creative content showcases the strength of their relationship by featuring snippets of their biggest life changes, while pointing to how Dri-Fit can help to make tough changes Feel More Natural.

Dri-Fit innovations help promote skin health and reduce skin discomfort through a combination of cotton-enhanced fibers,* delivering five times drier** protective underwear products and locking in 20% more wetness in bladder control pad products.*** Incontinence and feminine care products incorporating this technology are made with a unique blend of cotton and synthetic fibers to hold moisture in while making sure you still feel dry. With a strong, absorbent core that can absorb thirty times its weight in both sanitary and incontinence pads, as well as protective underwear, Dri-Fit products work to prevent leakage and help maintain skin health through dryness.

Feminine care and incontinence products incorporating the Dri-Fit system span protective underwear, bladder control pads/liners, ultrathin maxi pads, thick maxi pads, and panty-liners, and can be found at all major food, drug, mass, dollar, e-commerce and club chains. Consumers can look for the Dri-Fit logo to easily differentiate which products contain this technology. For further information, please visit

About Dri-Fit:

Dri-Fit, a First Quality ingredient brand, is an innovation found within absorbent hygiene products which brings a new level of performance to feminine care and incontinence products. Available at retailers nationwide, the Dri-Fit system can be found within Prevail® and store brand products featuring the Dri-Fit logo. Dri Fit and Dri Fit design logo are trademarks of First Quality Retail Services, LLC. Used under license. For more information, please visit




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